Solutions for Fleet Fueling and Management

FUELLOC is the only solution you need to secure and manage your fuel consumption.  Let FUELLOC secure your fuel, automate the fueling process and data collection, and provide real-time reporting and asset management.  Simplify your fuel management!

FUELLOC is a Fully Managed Automated Solution


Fuel allocation is under lock and key,
only approved assets are fueled

Ease of Use

Just scan and fuel,
no issues with data transfer

Flexibility to Fit Your Needs

Compatible with dispensers, fuel islands,
fuel storage tanks and fuel trucks

Easy Installation and
Around the Clock Coverage

System is taken care of
so you are worry free

Real-Time Data and Reporting for
complete fuel management

View dashboards with
all FUELLOC and fueling activity

Long-Lasting Solution

Built for permanent use

FUELLOC makes fuel management simple, streamlined, and secure. Learn more about these applications: