FUELLOC provides you with an end-to-end turn key solution for your fleet fueling business. It is a modular solution that has the capability of providing your business with automation from customer intake to cash assignment. FUELLOC also offers the Fuel Intelligence Customer Portal, which provides fuel intelligence management, invoice retrieval, and customized reporting.

Why use an automated solution for your trucks?

  • Secure your fuel
  • Just scan a barcode and fuel
  • All customer information including assets are already in the handheld
  • Total integration with meter, printer, and radio
  • Information is directly sent to the Billing platform for invoicing
  • Invoicing can be done real-time or on any interval
  • Integration to all electronic providers and credit cards

All of this amounts to Secure and Fast “Delivery to Cash”!

Handheld Software and Truck Technology Hardware Options

Our handheld application is Windows and Android compatible. It will work with your own device or we can supply you with one of our rugged Motorola/Zebra devices. FUELLOC provides a secure and protected system by requiring driver login and authorization and safety measures to ensure only the correct assets are fueled.

  • Designed by mobile fueling experts
  • Easy to deploy, install, and use
  • WiFi, Cellular, RFID and Bluetooth capable
  • Compatible with standard electronic meters, radios, and printers
  • Vehicle/asset, delivery site, and product validation with mileage capture
  • Backup processes store critical delivery information
  • Can support the following fuels:
    + All Diesel Types including Bio blends
    + Diesel Exhaust Fluid
    + Heating Oil
    + Gasoline
    + Propane
Our collective experience in the fleet fueling business comes across immediately when you see the software. It is designed around an efficient process for delivering fuel in a safe and effective manner. This application is currently being used by the largest fleet fueler in the country, as well as some of the smallest. It’s designed to just plain work! Our driving principal was to make it as easy as possible for the driver to perform his tasks, allow for secure fuel delivery, little touch from the driver, and secure data transfer both to and from the device.
You can also use our buying power for handhelds or other truck technology needs and we can provide easy investment options.

Fuel Intelligence Customer Portal:

FUELLOC’s enhanced customer portal is designed to provide you with timely, insightful fuel management documents and data in an easy to use platform. The Fuel Intelligence customer portal provides a clear, crisp view of all essential information regarding your fuel inventory and distribution. Get ready to enter a whole new level of data intelligence for efficient fuel management. It is your go-to tool for all your billing support and fleet management needs!

  • State-of-the-art Cloud based platform
  • Complete customer management of assets and sites
  • Secure access and data
  • Time/site/fuel type filters. Sample reports include tickets, invoices, detail asset history, and IFTA reports
  • Multi-user account options
  • Integration of all FUELLOC data
  • Full query and flexible reporting capability
  • Full Analytics Suite
  • Portal resources and functionality are evolving based on your needs:
    + Ability to contact tech support directly through portal
    + Customizable reports at your fingertips 24/7
    + Customize searches using the filter function
    + View tickets and ticket details showing assets, gallons, and fuel type
    + Visual graphs make it easy to assess fuel consumption

Operations Portal

The Operations Portal provides your operations and fleet management personnel with an easy to use interface that will help manage your customer and fleet information before, during, and after the route has been completed.

Customer Management:
  • Input customer information
  • Print full detailed delivery tickets
  • Print full customer information
  • Bulk load of assets
  • Make changes to delivery sites
  • Create and print rec/dispatch sheets
Dispatch/Transportation Management:
  • View and pull truck, driver, route, and asset reports
  • Real-time delivery and route status
  • Dynamic routing (coming soon)
  • Inventory control
  • Exception management such as make changes to tickets or manual ticket entry
  • Dispatch dashboard (coming soon)
  • KPI Dashboard

Back-Office Solution

FUELLOC’s back-office solution provides customer account details, margins, index pricing, invoicing, and electronic integration to 3rd parties. This versatile system can be integrated to a large variety of processors.

  • User Friendly Interface
  • Creates analytics database with site level P&L
Combines all functions:
  • Ticket intake
  • Invoicing
  • Taxes
  • Fuel Prices
  • Index validation
  • Margin Management
  • Electronic Processor Integrations
Total solution for exceptional customer service:
  • Ability to handle multiple pricing strategies and invoices
  • Flexible pricing allows you to price in any way
  • Ability to send invoices directly to customers
  • Monthly and retail pricing
  • Invoicing via email or sent to Fuel Intelligence Portal
  • Provide output details to virtually any format
Our back-office solution is modular and customizable. If all you need is a file to send to your ERP system to do invoicing, to a complete end-to-end ticketing, pricing, invoicing, BOL management and credit and collections, FUELLOC back-office solution has what you need to ensure you can manage your fueling operation securely and smoothly.