Welcome to the new FUELLOC CFN Fleetwide Program, a state-of-the-art fuel management system!

We appreciate your trust in FUELLOC for all your mobile onsite fueling data requirements. Our team is excited to introduce our new over the road fuel card offering that caters to all your fueling needs, including gas vehicles. With this new fuel card, you can provide your fleet operators with a reliable and secure tool at the pump all while utilizing our interactive FUELLOC portal to get comprehensive data on all your transactions.

Get Started

Simply contact CFNSupport@fuelloc.com or fill out the below form to get connected with our team to set up your account and get access to these over the road fuel cards, including your login to our FUELLOC fuel management system.

Complete Listing of Locations

Utilize FUELLOC CFN Fuel cards at 57,000+ fueling locations and partners across the country. Visit the link below and enter your location to get an interactive map of all the accepted pumps near you. http://www.cfnfleetwide.com/site-locator/.

FUELLOC fuel management system

Customizable Card Limits and Restrictions

Please note that during the card distribution phase, credit limits are temporarily predetermined and can be adjusted depending on your creditworthiness. Current FUELLOC customers who are on Automatic Draft Payments are automatically approved. Contact CFNSupport@fuelloc.com to see if you qualify for line increases or adjust individual card limits. Before client modification, card restrictions are limited to 50 gallons. Please email CFNSupport@fuelloc.com to add additional card restrictions.

At FUELLOC, we offer flexibility and convenience to customize your card limits, restrictions, and specifications. You can also personalize your cards to match your fleet naming methodology, contact us today to see all of our customizable details.

Learn More

Thank you for choosing FUELLOC for all your fuel management needs. Watch the video below to learn more about the FUELLOC CFN Card Program